Why We Do What We Do

"For God So Loved the World that He Sent His One and Only Son, that Whoever Believes in Him Shall not Perish but Have Everlasting Life"  Jn. 3:16

Our primary mission is to be obedient to Jesus last instruction before He left the earth..."You shall be the ends of the earth."  Acts 1:8  This of course includes James teaching as well when he writes " my works, I will show you my faith".  James 2:18

At Fresh Start we believe strongly in life renewal, and that a joyous productive life begins by forming a personal faith relationship to God through receiving His Son Jesus.  In all of our ministry we seek to build followers of Jesus who are Authentic, Relationally Connected, Compassionate, Independent, and Free.  We focus is on "teaching" and "hand up" ministries that foster good decisions and independence.   

Local Outreach

Our people are encouraged to be as involved in local ministries as He wants.  Faith Mission, Emmaus Road, Salvation Army, Fight Club, God's Kitchen, Gideon's International, and R.E.T.A among others are all ministries with local chapters that God has led our people to be involved in.  

World Outreach

For over 125 years, Alliance people have been compelled to go into all the earth and make disciples. As international, vocational, marketplace, and relief workers, chaplains or interns, the opportunity to serve is expansive.

Short-term missions give Alliance people an opportunity to discover how God works to enrich the lives of others. Envision connects you with overseas workers and deepens your commitment to Christ.

When natural disasters strike, Alliance people are there to provide immediate relief—and remain there to help rebuild and develop devastated communities.

Ministry Friends